Why Join Us ?

Our world is starving for leaders.
Jesus Christ died to raise up saints for the Father.
All saints dare to lead.
What would happen if you did?


Matthew 4:19 “And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Immediately they left their nets and followed him..”




We know you have desires, but desire is not enough. Leading as a Catholic in the first world requires vision, daring and grit—uncommon in even the secular world. The Saint John Leadership Institute offers adult workshops and retreats, and in 2024 will introduce the Innovator in Residence program, a 15-week immersion opportunity to help young adults launch their vision or business while living the prayer life of the Community of Saint John.

Uncover Your Desires
and Unleash Your Potential

Take the time to find out what God has placed on your heart. What are your strengths? How can you use those strengths to answer His call?

Build Your Plan
and Launch Your Venture

With a personal leadership advisor to guide you, learn how to develop an actionable business plan, create a network of support, and be ready to launch your business or ministry.


But why me ?

do I really have what it takes to lead?

Exodus 4:10 “Oh, my Lord, I am not eloquent, either in the past or since you have spoken to your servant, but I am slow of speech and of tongue.”

Any leader who faces their fears

is sure to overcome them

No matter where we struggle, our biggest problem is not the threats we face from the world outside of us, but instead, they come from the world within us. Winning the inner battle is the key to overcoming all the obstacles. Name your inner battle and there you will find the path God has marked out for you.


It does not matter what I think. It does not matter how I feel. People are going to tell me what to do and how to live. I have no real say in it anyhow.

Fear & Fatigue

I am tired of trying and failing. No matter what I do, it does not make a difference. I am bound to fail.
Why even try?


There are so many paths I could take. How do I know which is the right one? I wish I knew what I was supposed to do! How am I supposed to make a decision, when I don’t know which way to go?


No one really cares what I do anyway. I try and try, but people will do what they want to do. I can think what I want, but it does not matter. No one else seems to mind. I may as well give up.


There is Hope

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

There is a way.

welcome to

The Saint John Leadership Institute

Our Method

Aspire · Understand · Drive · Engage Others

At SJLI, we believe that no one can teach us leadership better than God. Drawing from the Bible and the best of Catholic tradition, especially St. Thomas Aquinas, we give our participants a leadership formation that will equip them to lead their families, their workspace, and their culture with the courage and insight of the Gospel.

Time to Deepen
Your Faith

From a daily Holy Hour to seminars on the theology of the New Evangelization, every Innovator in Residence is equipped with weekly classes in Theology while living in a daily schedule of prayer.

Invest in
Your Future

Every Innovator creates personal and professional leadership plans, working with a Strengthsfinder coach and advisor to develop the professional skills needed to assume a position of leadership in our modern world.

Unique Cultural

From the retreats to the vibrant cultural opportunities afforded by our location in Denver, opportunities abound for our Innovators to grow in deep ways. Together with the other members of their community, they can hike the nearby mountains, join their peers in the city, and engage in all that our unique environment offers.

Authentic Catholic

Our Innovators receive the deepest level of formation offered in Catholic leadership. Nearly every week, they receive specific, practical instruction in our method for bringing the Gospel’s power to bear in our world today. Coupled with real world experiences in leadership, AUDEO™ helps each one to give their very best to the world.

More Than a

Either by a person of their own choosing or a professional from SJLI’s extensive network, every Innovator is accompanied by a leadership advisor who serves as a sounding board and support through the trials and travails of choosing a career path or launching a new venture.

The Strength
Behind You

Drawing from the professional experience of over 1,800 members of the Saint John Leadership Network, each Innovator is given the opportunity to create their own small circle of subject matter experts, able to give advice or open doors and opportunities as they take their next steps.

Greatness Awaits

Follow the Call

We recognize that knowing your next steps is not easy. We are here to help you. But if you know God has made you to Dare Great Things™, why make Him wait? Sometimes, walking on water means you have to get out of the boat.

Take the next step.

Saint John Institute
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